Friday, October 9, 2015

Learning Curve


Free People Hat (gift)
Pacsun Kimono
Spell Designs Romper
Anthropologie Fringe Bag (gift)
Jeffery Campbell Boots (ebay)

More pictures from a few weeks ago - almost all of our snow has melted off and while it's really pleasant for October, it's still about 20-ish degrees in the more and it's not until later in the day that it gets nice and warm. I've had a few days of going bare-legged and I think I'll try to milk it for as long as possible!

On another note, I feel sort "eh" about this outfit. I bought these boots over a year ago and I just haven't worn them because I feel like they're not that flattering on me. No matter my weight I've always had cankles and while most of the time it's not that big of a deal, I'm really picky about where my ankle boots hit on my legs - I prefer about 2-4 inches above my ankle bone because it skims my ankle and hides them fairly well.  These boots just a little too low for me and they don't really have the visual weight to balance out the low cut.  I'm not really sure what to do about the boots, I like the look of hem but they just really don't work on me, I'll probably just end up seeing if the consignment shop wants the and if not, I'll take them to Value Village. I've gotten a lot better about not making shopping mistakes and learning what works for me and I don't feel too bitter about these boots, at least they were a learning experience and now I won't try to save up for those Chloe Susanne boots! (Soooo much shoes lust over those boots but eh, saves me money!)


  1. I recently saw a show on TLC about dressing up people, I love watching those silly programs :D The girl they were dressing was approximately your weight and quite short, so they were explaining about the exact same shape of boots, how they wouldn't suit such body type, but if they were are little more open on the front they would work. Overall, I think their length and the fact that they are so tightly closed make them less flattering. Put them on ebaaaaay and get moneeeeeyzzzz :D

  2. I love those dressing people shows too, they're so addicting to watch! I think you nailed it, with them being tight they just are not flattering and I'm never going to wear them On to ebay it is! :) Thanks Keit, you always have a really good eye for stuff like this and you just explained why I wear some boots over others, it is because they're slightly open and that makes a huge difference.


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