Friday, October 23, 2015

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night


Free People Hat and Jacket (consignment)
Fred Meyer Scarf
American Eagle Outfitters Dress
Ecote Bag
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

The fog swept in so quickly, one moment we were enjoying a lovely evening in the warm light of the setting sun and in the next we were bathed in the cold wet mist. We drove home in the dark, watching the night grown darker and darker and the field near home loomed to our left, mysterious and frightening.

And with that poetic verse in mind, I decided it was a great moment for pictures! If I was a brilliant writer I'd be able to sprout off something T.S. Elliot could be proud of but nope, the wood were cold and dark and the mist looked enticing - it would make for such great pictures! Alas, my outfit really didn't fit the setting, another occasion that called for a sweeping cape. (And how often in one week do you feel the need for a cape? Cleary this means I need to start wearing mine.)

I hope the blog is starting to look normal again, blogger has just been awful lately and as soon as I get it to work on the mobile, it looks terrible on the computer and on and on.  Let me know if it's coming up loopy on your screen and I'll try to get the bugs worked out. Thank you for your patience, I know it's looked pretty bad lately!


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