Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Frost In The Air

Urban Outfitters Hat
Fleece Scarf (made by me - super simple, just hem the edges of a huge piece of fleece and sew on some trim - tada, a snuggy scarf)
Helmut Lang Coat
Elizabeth and James Silk Dress (ebay)
American Eagle Belt
Ecote Bag
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

I haven't really been able to find a fleece scarf in stores and ended up making my own. It's really only about a half hour project - I bought a few yards of fleece on sale at Joanna's and used just under one yard to make this scarf. (The rest is for a cape for Gunnar, that was an even shorter project!) The fleece is so warm which is really nice if you live in a cold climate, I've found that if my neck and core are warm, I'm usually pretty okay with the cold - the fleece is just extra protection against the wind.

 I hemmed the sides very quickly but it's not terribly important and you can skip that part if you want. I just sewed the trip down one side of my scarf because I worried about it being too much but if you want to do a simple trim, you could go all the way around. (Or whatever, it's your scarf!) It's a really quick project and it's also a fun one if you have little kids - cut them a 2ft by 1ft long piece and then snip the edges into fringe.  It's a project we do every year at the kids school so all of the kids have warm scarves and it's a fun thing for them. Kids usually love having something they can show off that they made themselves and to get them really into it, you can always let them pick out their fleece patterns at the stores. (Otherwise, a trip to the fabric store with kids is the seventh layer of hell, both for you and them.)

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  1. Love the scarf! It does sounds quite easy, and fun to make. :)


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