Thursday, October 15, 2015

Blending In Again With The Woods

Urban Outfitters Hat
Faux Leather Jacket (thrifted - no label)
H&M Dress (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Scarf
Free People Clogs
Antik Batik x My Little Box (ebay - haha, everything I read this name, I think Antik Batnik and My Little Ponies. That remake is surprising adorable.)

I love this dress so much. I know it's H&M and while it looks pretty well made, it's hard to tell how it's going to hold up until I've worn if for a while but man, I want to wear it everyday. It's so pretty and flowy and shapeless and bohemian perfection. Plus, it's a maroon-ish color and all I wanted this summer was a perfect maroon maxi that was simple to just thrown on with a scarf and some sandals and man, it figures that I didn't find it until winter decided to show up. I'm really happy with how well it works with everything, I've worn it with a vest, by it's self, with a sweater over (sorry, didn't catch pics of that one, I was a bit pressed for time that day) and today with a leather jacket.

Since I mentioned My Little Ponies above, I suppose I should mention how cuuuute the remake is! I was a hardcore fan as a little kid and I'm pretty sure I drove my parents crazy watching the videos over and over again so when the new series came out on video, I bought the First Season for Izzy as a present. Man, everyone got caught up in that show! It was nice to take a break from all of the Transformer shows (every. single. one. we. have. watched.) and I really don't think I could take any more Batman shows. (We all know the 90s one was the best but The Brave and The Bold is a close second, it's actually really entertaining and campy and great. Aquaman in that show is the best and I'm always disappointed when we watch other shows with him in them because it's just not the same.) Since then we've bought the second season of MLP and the other videos, I thought it was a little too sickenly sweet the first time we watched it but it's really grown on me. And least you think all we watch is Batman, Transformers and MLPs, we've also worked through The Clone Wars (fabulous show, even as an adult I really enjoyed how well done it was and Ev liked it because he's a big old Star Wars nerd) and the Star Wars Rebels. Ev and Gunnar are super excited for the new Star Wars movie, I'm pretty sure I know what we'll be doing Christmas - Gunnar even talked me into getting him a Kylo Ren custom for the movie showing and Halloween! Part of one anyways, we'll have to make/thrift a few parts but he's really excited about it.

So yeah, kid shows man. It's really a good thing I'm a kid at heart or it would have driven me crazy. The Transformer might have partly done that, Beast Wars is AWFUL, but it seems like most of the kid's show are better than the adult shows - Ev's schedule switched and he's been working late so I been staying up past Cook's Country (the best cooking show ever, the recipes always work and they are delicious!) and nothing beside The Black List seems that great. Of course, we're apparently old school and have jus a few channels with the bunny ears so I'm probably missing out on all the shows that people pay for. (Which is ok, I've got Firefly on DVD!)

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  1. That dress really is gorgeous! I love that burnt red color.


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