Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Warm Harvest

Free People Hat and Dress
Fred Meyer Scarf (gift - about 3-4 years old)
Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
Sam Edelman Boots (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Bag

Yesterday was Trick-or-Treat day at Pioneer Park, I've talked about the park several times before but I don't think I've talked very much about all of the events they put on through out the year. For the past few years they've decorated up the old Log Cabin/Home section of the park (where restored historical homes from around Fairbanks have been moved into the park to preserve them) and kids are able to run a small Trick-or-Treat loop. It's a fun event and they really went all out this year with the decorating! I wish I'd thought to bring my camera but at the same time, it get silly lugging around a camera when trying to keep up with two fast kids in an even large sea of kids. It was really packed this year, we went right at 12 when it opened up and yikes, there was so many people! There's several school carnivals going on this week, as well as the usual "harvest parties" that every church seems to put on (because Satan is winning if we call it a Halloween party? Uh huh) and the Bentley Hallway puts on a Trick-or-Treat at 6pm on Halloween that's a fun, safe and warm kid event. It's looking so warm this year and with no snow, I think we'll go actual trick-or-treating! Two years of snowless Halloween in the past three years, that's nuts.

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  1. Such gorgeous fall pictures! I love the lighting here and the layering going on in your outfit. You styled this white dress in a gorgeous autumnal way. Trick or Treat day sounds like it was really fun. This is always my favorite time of year! I hope you have a snowless Halloween!

    Jamie |


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