Saturday, October 31, 2015

Don't Go Into The Woods On All Hallow's Eve

Urban Outfitters Hat
Fred Meyer Poncho
Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
H&M Dress (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (gift)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)

As you can see, we didn't quite make it to Halloween without snow - it showed up last Thursday and it looks like this snowfall will be sticking around, unlike the last foot and a half we got at the end of September! 

I really, really loved this outfit, I felt like it hit all of the note of what I want my style to be. (Hahha, almost five years later?! This is maybe a little sad.) I know ponchos can get a bad rap for being difficult to wear but they're pretty easy, just treat them like a large scarf. with how big the blanket scarves have gotten, they about the same thing now. I love wearing a poncho over a lighter jacket, it adds a little warmth and as long as you do a wrap around with the ends, there's really not a ton of trouble with purse straps.  Seatbelts are maybe a different story......

Happy Halloween everyone, I'm usually too far behind the ball to do theme-ish outfits for the blog but this outfit kinda ended up fitting the mood of the holiday so tada, first theme outfit ever, yay me! The bar was not set high for that. I hope everyone has fun tonight!

Friday, October 30, 2015

No More Falling Back

Forever21 Hat and Jacket (thrifted)
Helmut Lang Hoodie (ebay)
Free People Dress (ebay)
Sam Edelman Boots (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters Bag

I've felt a little off for the past few weeks and it wasn't until a few days ago I realized why, we hadn't had to turn our clocks back an hour! Alaska was one of the states that participated in the Daylight Savings with turning the clocks back an hour in the fall and forward an hour in the spring. The idea was suppose to have given people more hours of light during the day but it doesn't really make that much sense. Last spring however Alaska's legislators voted to have Alaska taken off Daylight Savings and while it can be a bother (Alaska is waaaay behind the East Coast - about 4 hours and as everyone knows, it takes a little planning to call family down in the lower 48 because of the time difference) and taking AK off the Daylight Savings has only exaggerating that time difference. For most of us it's just felt strange, we've all grown up moving the clocks back and to see the moon still high in the sky at 9am feels a little off at this time of year!

Edit: D'oh!  Someone's an idiot and it looks like it's me!  Daylights Savings is apparently no more but it won't start until next year.   It's a good thing you don't get your news from me, you're better off with the internet!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sleepy Hallow

 The volunteers were setting up for the Trick-or-Treat day during these pictures and I was hiding out behind the building because I always feel so awkward taking pictures in public!

Urban Outfitters Hat
Jacket (thrifted)
Banana Republic Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
Anthropologie Dress (thrifted)
Free People Belt and Bag (ebay)
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)
Pictures at Pioneer Park, this time buy one of the barns and then by the heavy equipment by the Salmon Bake. (The Salmon Bake is not really worth the price of admission, it use to be unlimited crab, halibat or prime rib and the food was great but in the past few years prices have gone way up, you get one serving and the food just really isn't that great. However, it is a really fun place to eat, everything is outside and the surrounding area is really cool looking.)  I really love Pioneer Park because it's a really fun place to visit with the restored cabins, Airplane, Train and Alaska Native museums and with numerous events going all year around so it's great when others show some love for it.  Fellow Fairbanks blogger Louisa took pictures here just a little while ago which you can see in this post and this one!
I really loved this outfit but I have mixed feelings seeing it in pictures. there's stuff about it I like but at the same time, it looks really busy. In rl, it didn't feel that way so it's funny to see how different things can look in a picture. Heh, aside from the wrinkles, this is another dress that just wrinkles like crazy when I sit in it but it's so cute on.... the struggles man, they're real.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sunrise On The Rocks

Helmut Lang Coat (ebay)
Fred Meyer Scarf
Coldwater Creek silk Tee (thrifted)
Free People Skirt
Old Navy Leggings
Rag and Bone Boots (ebay)
Ecote Bag

I fell like I need to warm that there's a lot of pictures in this post - I had a few hours in the morning to myself and it was fun to just play around with the camera and have some time to actually take pictures, rather than the usual 5-10 mins!

I really like short skirts over leggings, it reminds me of back in 2006 when we'd wear minis over leggings. The proportions were totally different - the leggings were cropped and the skirts were flared back then so this would be more of a modern reinterpretation of that. It's a really easy look and with a jacket and a pair of boots, it's a quick early morning outfit. (leggings but with a skirt - revolutionary!)