Monday, September 14, 2015

One Last Time

Free People Hat, Bag (ebay) Clogs (ebay) and Romper (consignment)
Pacsun Kimono

I wore this to the beach on one of our last hot days, it's crazy how over a month ago I felt like 65 was a cold and and now it feels crazy warm!  I suppose we're slowly adjusting to the change, this morning when I drove to town several of the cars in the parking lot had snow on them.  Apparently the hills got a decent snow fall but all we got was rain which is ok, I'm not ready for snow!

I liked parts of this outfit but for some reason I didn't reach for this kimono as much as I'd thought I would.  I think it's because it has short sleeves, I think longer ones would balance it out a little better.  I got this romper for a just a few dollars this summer, not bad for silk! (Although the sewing wasn't great, you can see the front seam and how it's a little warped.)  It's really cute but it's one of the few outfits that I didn't really like thee clogs with, I think flats sandals would have been cuter.


  1. Oh my, you are so delicious here, I sense s 70's vibe with a Zoey Deshanel hint! :D (don't know if I spelled that right) Looooooving this romper, I actually like it with the clogs, would be even cuter with cowboy boots or something of the sort! And omg, the baaaaag, it's one of those things I reaaaaally, really would like to have in my wardrobe! Your ebay purchases are so awesome, teach me master!

  2. What a cute summer outfit! I adore that beautiful lacey kimono!


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