Friday, September 11, 2015

Fall Into Fall

Wool Hat
Free People sweater (thrifted) shoes and maxi
American Eagle Bag

How to winterize a thin maxi - thrown a light sweater over it!  This will totally be great in -50 below!

Yeah, maybe not.  This dress is really thin so I don't think I'll put it out in the cold unless I do some serious layering and I dunno if I feel up to that this year.  I was joking earlier that I just really want to wear a cashmere Snuggie and Uggs alllll winter and  I don't even care how it looks, it just sounds like perfection.  But until the snow flies, I'll just keep wearing my dresses.  I'm pretty happy with my dress game right now, I've had a lot of luck finding Fred People maxis on serious sales or on ebay for cheap and as it seems maxis were my "thing" this summer, I just keep on keeping on.  I will say that I finally feel like I'm a little tired of my other Free People clogs, I've worn those just about into the ground since April and while I still like them I think I'm ready to put them away for the winter and start enjoying some of my other shoes. At least I've really gotten my monies worth out of them!


  1. Oooh that dress is such a pretty color! And paired with that light grey sweater, it's kind of giving me beach vibes.

  2. this is such a fabulous outfit, I want to steal it and wear it myself!


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