Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dark Vibes for Fall

Free People Hat (gift) and Clogs
DKNY Cardigan (thrifted)
Old Navy Dress
Suede Bag(thrifted)

I've been off and on really inspired by the Helmut Land/Rick Owens/All Saints ascetic of drape-ness for the past few years and while I don't really think I can pull off the whole look (nor afford the prices!) I've been trying to take elements I like of the style and add them in.   One thing I like about the whole look is the cowl and funnel collars, they look so cool and with a more fitted shoulder, I don't get as lost in the clothes as I would in a totally drappy outfit.  I missed out on this awesome All Saints draped collar cardigan at the consignment store a while back and have been kicking myself ever since then.  This cardigan I got the thrift store and I really like how an ways it can be worn.  I wore it last week with my Anthro jumpsuit and it had an entirely different vibe then how I wore it today.

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