Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Coming Home

Free People Hat and Bag (ebay)
AE Poncho
Banana Republic Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee
Rag & Bone Jeans (ebay)
Ecote Boots
Necklace (thrifted)

I wore this to work the other day and threw on my hat and poncho afterwards. (Turns out hats are great for rainy days. Who woulda guess, right?) I feel like these jeans are really hard to pair with shoes, I always have a hard time getting something to look right with them and end up defualting back those these Ecote boots. It did look cute with the flats I wore inside but it was too wet to wear flats outside so....yeah. I did really like the neckklace with the grey top and I thought it worked well with the embroidery on the jeans and the close fitting cardigan kept it from looking too overwhelming on me. I have a lot of freedom in what I wear to this job, as long as I don't come in naked and can move in my clothes, it's pretty much all good but I try to look presentable since I interact quite a bit with guests. I usually end up wearing black jeans, a bohemian-ish print top and one of two cardigans with either my mocs or printed flats so I'm able to keep a bit of my style. It's a comfortable uniform and haha, works for work. (I'm sorry, that was awful.)


  1. These photos are so pretty. I love that picturesque shed and barn door, not to mention all the gorgeous fall colors! Those jeans are so neat, I love the pattern!

  2. theses photos are so beautiful, especially that first one - it's stunning :) I can't believe how fall it is there, the leaves are so pretty. Here it feels like summer and the majority of trees are still green. love that bag, great ebay score!

  3. Lol whatever works for work! ;)
    Ahhh, your style is definitely relatable. I know that if I saw you I'd definitely want to talk to you - and find out where you get all your awesome clothes xD

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  4. PS: Awww, your comment on my hot air balloon story was spot on! I loved it so much. Having someone point something out can make you see it even though it's been there all along. I look back at old posts and think "Wow, I HAVE changed...and grown a lot!" So yes, to moving forward, doing things with my life, and learning and growing more! Cheers :D

  5. Enjoy your posts as always. Also I'm always curious about what you do for work up there if you are able to share :). I've always read that Alaska is a good place to relocate to for many fields. I'm a social worker and have heard this quite a bit for my work.


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