Friday, September 25, 2015

All Of The Fun

Forever21 Hat
Gap Coat (thrifted)
Free People Dress
H&M Belt (consignment)
Michael Kors Suede Boots (consignment)
Bag (thrifted)

I really like how a big jacket looks over a delicate maxi dresses and now that the cold temps are rolling in, I've been pairing the two. This Gap jacket is one I bought last winter and I wore it quite a bit, it's very warm! This dress is ridiculously thin and I need a slip to keep it decent but until the cold hits, I'm going to try to get as much wear out of my dresses as possible.

Were working on car repairs today so I don't really have much to say, the rear hub went out thanks to our very rough road (two in one year is a little crazy!) and unfortunately, the rear hub is way more of a pain than the front. The front on the Vic just pops right out and takes maybe 45 mins but the rear on the Explorer is tied into the 4 wheel drive and we about have to take the entire thing apart. Ugh, I am not looking forward to this!

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  1. Ugh car repairs. Last month both Jay and I had to replace the breaks on our cars and my car needed some extra maintenance stuff. such a hassle. On the flip side i had it professionally cleaned so that made it not so bad!

    i love the dress, it's a nice shade of dark mint? It looks cozy with your shearling jacket.perfect for fall days & nights.

    Emmett - Hippie Lace


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