Thursday, August 6, 2015

Waiting on Time

Forever21 Hat
Free People Dress/Tunic and Sunglasses
Areo Shorts
AEO Sandals
Target Bag

I'm 5'2 so I usually can get away with shorter dresses being normal length but not this one!  It's so fluttery that even the smallest gush of wind blows it up, making shorts or at least tights kinda important.  It varies between being labeled a tunic and a dress on the FP site, it seems to depend on the color scheme with the darker colors being dresses and the lighter ones being tunics.

In other, non relevant news, lets pat me on the back or finally being a grown up and keeping a pair of sunglasses for longer than a week!  I normally loose or break shades quickly so the fact tht I've kept these for a bit of the summer is impressive. (This is so sad.)

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  1. *pat pat* Goodah jobah Katie! :D
    Because of an awkward endevour in the public transport when a guy sleazily grabbed my ass, I always wear shirts under dresses! :D And it's ridiculous how people usually think I'm wearing an extremely short tunic with just my underwear, and they would staaaare!
    I love this fancy summery outfit, the bag, omg the bag, you lady have the most exceptional collection of bags ever!


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