Monday, August 10, 2015

Past The Fence

Free People Hat and Bag (gift)
Free People Dress "Desert Winds" (ebay)
Seychelles Boots

I like this dress so much but I haven't worn it very much this summer, it's fully lined and with the sleeves, it was just too warm most of the time.   I'm pretty happy with how my repair job on this purse is holding up, after going through and sewing the plates back on again (extra tight!) there hasn't been any loose threads.
The sun isn't staying up as late now, we pasted the summer solstice back in June and now we're on the downward slide to only a few hours of sunlight during the winter months.  We're still getting long day right now, it's just not 24 hour light.  It's a slight bummer, I enjoy not having to turn on the lights and saving a little on the electricity bill, it's also a reminder that winter's right around the corner.  School even starts up next week!  Where did the summer go?!  Izzy and Gunnar are both pretty excited, we finished up school shopping so all that's left is to find out what classroom they're in for the year.

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  1. Your dress is very lovely. I really enjoyed the extra hours of daylight like shooting a few of my blog photos at 10pm. And saving a ew $ on electricity is also a bonus to not having to layer on so many clothes.



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