Friday, August 21, 2015

Mutant Affair


Free People Hat (gift)
Ecote Kimono
Old Navy Tank and Sandals
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)

I know, breaking out the leather pants! The weather's been a little haywired lately (yeah, welcome to Alaska!) so it's dry and I want to wear sandals but I want my legs's like vests, ok? Winter on your body, summer on your arms!

These are some bizzare flowers behind me, they look just like Dandylions but they're SO tall. It's the first year I've seen them and I couldn't find them in any of my flower books. Even my google fu is failing me when it comes to these mutant dandylions. (I do love that the first thing that pops up for "mutant dandylions" is a TMNT links.)


  1. Gahhh, I'm ready for fall boho style now!! :D
    Love the leather pants Katie, especially styled with the black top and your fabulous fringe bag.

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  2. Love this outfit! I have some burgundy jeans that I love, but I feel like it's out of place when I wear them anytime but the fall. Therefore, I cannot wait for cooler weather so I can wear them!


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