Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Going Down

Forever21 Hat
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Old Navy Coat (few years ago)
Joe Fresh Sweater (thrifted)
James Jeans (thrifted)
Ecote Boots
Madewell Bag (consigment)

I didn't really mean to take a week off and all I have are excuses of being uninspired and being busy. However, I'm sure you didn't come here to hear me complain so take a look at those trees - they're already starting to turn yellow. *Sigh!*

I finally broke out my Ecote boots again, I wore them about into the ground last winter and they still look pretty decent, escpecially for being seude. If these boots were put out in leather, I'd buy another pair of them in a heart beat, even at full price. I usually wait for a sale but when I find something that I really do get a lot of wear out of, I feel like those are worth not waiting for a sale. These have been really comfortable, even for long periods of time and they're just a simple design they work with everything. They're just about a perfect basic.


  1. Sure, I came to see you,
    love the hat and coat.

  2. Arg, I can't wait for the leaves around here to start changing!


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