Saturday, August 1, 2015

Diamonds in the Sky

This Free People dress is one of my very favorites. When I intially bought it I was really unsure that I would be able to get a ton of wear out of it, what with the non existant back and all! (Turns out backless dresses gave rise to all of the cute lace bramis - I've bought a few from Arie and I love them.) I really liked the material, the embroidery and the general look of the dress and ended up not sending it back and looking through all of the ways I've worn it, I'm really happy I didn't. I was able to wear it through most of the winter by lots of layering and what was suppose to be a very "summery" dress ended up looking really cute with ankle boots. 

After a year of wear I can say I'm really happy with how durable this dress has been, I usually just spot clean it but I've thrown it into the washer a few times (like after Izzy got pizza sauce all over it, opps!) and it's done pretty well, no shirking or wear on the material.  The emebroidery has also stayed competely intact, not one thread has come out so far! I feel pretty safe in saying this has been one of my favorite purchuses from Free People.

*As a note about stains, I've tried most of the strain removers currently out on the market and almost nothing works as well for getting out set-in stains like regular vinegar.  The pizza sauce stain was really suborn and socking the dress in a vinegar for a few hours and then toss it in the wash ended up being the only thing to save it.  I usually use apple vinegar but that's mostly because it's really cheap for a bucket of it - regular works just as well and the smell comes out in the wash.

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  1. That is a super pretty dress, I just love all the ways you chose to style it. And I have never tried vinegar for getting out stains, I will need to do that!


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