Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Constantly Consistent


Wool Hat (Bought from Mad Hatter Vendor at Fair a few years ago)
Knitted Scarf (consignment)
Jacket (thrifted - no label)
Old Navy Tee
J.Brand Maria Waxed Jeans (consignment)
Madden Girl Boots

Breaking out some older items today, both these boots and this jacket have been around since near the beginning of the blog and while I don't wear the boots as often, I do still get quite a bit of wear out of this jacket. It's pleather but it's held up really well, so far there's no peeling at the sleeves or cracking - two things that are usually a sign a pleather jacket is getting ready to give up the ghost. Excuse me, I suppose it's not called pleather anymore but "vegan" which is a pretty clever little bit of marketing, everyone hate pleather, even the name sounds awful. But Vegan, that means you're a good person and that vegan jacket means you care! It will still take 40 bajillion years (an exact number) to decompose in a landfill and it will cost you twice what a gross pleather jacket will but hey, it's "Vegan!"

I have hard feelings about this, obviously.  I do think the vegan movement has good intentions behind it, I just dislike how so many stores have used the label as an excuse to make their products seem nicer and to sell them at a higher price level.   I'm not sure which brand this jacket is from as the label was cut out before I found it at the thrift store but I will say that it's been a good coat. (I am so consistent here, pleather bad but not this coat!  It's a good coat, ok?)


  1. Ok, I haven't heard about pleather being re-labeled as vegan. That's a new one! And I'm with you on it, seems like a marketing thing to me as well. However it does look like a very nice jacket!

  2. I love this! So simple, yet interesting. It's making me crave fall even more now! I really love brown leather, especially paired with a good hat, scarf, and boots!


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