Monday, August 31, 2015

All Twisted Up

Urban Outfitters Hat
Silk Scarf (thrifted)
Forever 21 Jacket (thrifted)
American Eagle Tank
Helmut Lang Skirt (ebay)
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)
Dolce Vita Heels

Ev has this week off so we're completely redoing the roof and doing some work on the furnace.  (Yeah, we should be pretty busy with that.) It should be a pretty packed week but with the kids being at school for part of that day we should be able to bust it all out.  Hopefully we'll have enough time to do a quick weekend moose hunt, after three years of no moose meat in the freezer and with zero luck on the caribou hunt last year, we really need a good hunt this fall.  Meat is pretty expensive just in general in AK and by the time it gets shipped up to the Interior, it ends up making for some expensive grocery bills.  I'm a little jealous of people from the lower 48 who brag about being able to feed their families for only $40 a week, up here that would buy milk and veggies! (maybe.)  I makes most of our bread so we're able to save a little there but we really depend on the fish and moose meat to fill our freezers.  It's even more dramatic away from Fairbanks and out in the villages.  Most of Alaska isn't on the road system so with the only freight options being barges or bush planes, groceries from a store aren't an option for a lot of people.  Can you imagine paying $12 for one gallon of milk?  It's like that with everything for so many people out in the villages, the fish, moose, whales and caribou are everything.   Along the coast walrus are a big part of diets but due to the sea ice either not forming or melting away too fast, walrus hunters haven't been able to bring meat home.  One village use to bring in over 100 walrus in one season, the past few years they're brought back fewer than 8 and the state had to fly in groceries just so the villagers could survive.  Climate change has already had a profound effect to many in Alaska and it's kinda infuriating to read that people still deny it's happening when villages are literally being washed away into the ocean up here and people can't even feed their families.

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  1. Do people denying climate change still exist? I thought they got extinct because of their stupidity! Whenever you write about life in Alaska I always imagine it like from what I see on Discovery Channel, this is as close as I can get to understand how hard and difficult it is to live there. Depending on your own self for food is a big deal, instead of us spoiled humans who go to the store and complain there's no chocolate with hazelnuts, sheesh!
    You are incredibly sexy in this skirt! *_* I love hearing about your life in Alaska and looking at your amazing boho outfits, love coming here, always! ^_^


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