Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Would You Know My Name

American Eagle Top and Skirt
Free People "Percy" Clogs and Sunglasses
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Not a terribly exciting out (not that they ever are) but I've been getting quite a bit of wear out of these clogs, they're just too awesome.   We just finished binge watching the first season of The Strain on dvd and I am so pissed that they replaced Angel with white bread.    How could they do that?!  Angel and Gus were my favorite characters in the books and whatever-the-fudge-her-name-is-tee-hee-computer-hacker is's not cool man, she's just an awful character and I hope she dies horribly in the next season.  Other than that, it's not a bad adaptation of the books, the dialogue is pretty clunky and the opening wasn't as nice as the books and there's a bit of rewriting but hey, the vampires aren't sexy!   

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