Monday, July 27, 2015

Storm Watch

Spell Designs Romper
Free People Sunglasses
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)
Old Navy Sandals

The clouds were looking pretty threating when I snapped these pictures but we ended up missing most of the storm but wow, it was blowing like crazy! (Hah, no wind machine needed today.)  It'd been pretty nice up until then, I'd taken the kids out to the carnival out at the Ice Alaska grounds and they spend three hours on the rides.  I went on the Dragon Roller coaster with then and that was it, Izzy and I both almost puked on it!  Last year the same thing almost happened on the Spinning Apples rides so I think I might be done when it comes to rides now.  (Or at least only ride the nice, slow, non spinning rides.)  It was a pretty good time, Golden Days was also going on this past weekend and with the Tanana  State Fair opening next weekend there's been quite a few fun things going on in town.

I do have to complain a little about this romper, I really love this particular print of the Spell Design line but I hate the buttons up the front, it takes so much time to unbutton and re-button, I wish they'd put in a zipper instead.  On days I wear this I just have to not drink anything, all day long and that just works out really well in the heat.


  1. I can't ride carnival rides like I used to anymore either, just one or two and I feel like I'm gonna puke! I like the out of focus pic, it's neat!


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