Saturday, July 25, 2015

Short Set

American Eagle Kimono
Free People Set
Spell Designs "Dreamweaver" Bag (ebay)
Free People Clogs
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

I was just talking a few posts back about how I normally wear this top or shorts with different garments rather than together as a set.  The skies cleared up the past few days and we've had some really nice day so hey, time to break the shorts back out and actually war these together!  I really, really love this print, the red and the blue is so striking and it works with a lot of stuff I my closet.  I also really like this kimono, American eagle really stepped up their game this past summer and have had so many cute items, it's hard to not want them all.  (The kimonos, they are so good this year and many are cheaper than the Free People ones I usually like.)  I know AE is usually considered a youth store but their jeans are pretty decent fitting if you have a large booty and again, the kimonos are awesome.  (AE also has also gotten better about trying to be good to their workers and managing the conditions at the factories they work with - they're not perfect but they're trying which is nice.)


  1. They look totally cute together! Almost like a jumper.

    And no worries, I was talking about living in the moment/life and not worrying about blogging. It applies to you as well ;) I know you're off in Alaska traipsing through the woods in your bohemian glory!
    Thanks, I'm quite happy with my hair, although it FADED SO FLIPPING FAST! I'm washing out the remaining color...and then REDYING it lavender. Lol or so I hope at least...sigh. We'll see what the hair decides to do this time around...

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  3. I like the set worn together at once, it looks really sharp :) nice that it's two pieces instead of one, you'll most likely get more wear out of them that way. love the bag, but maybe it's because I have the same one in cobalt blue lol!


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