Friday, July 24, 2015

Midsummer Gloom

Spell Designs Kimono
Old Navy Tank and Sandals
Aero Shorts
AE Necklaces
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

After not wearing shorts that might this summer, this past it seems like shorts are all I'm wearing.  I blame that on the past weekend of cold and panicking about fall, I need to wear shorts while the short-wearing is good!  That's the problem with short summers, it always feels like winter's right around the corner and with getting snow in September, it really is coming up. (Boo.)  So all of the kimonos and shorts and sandals it is!
All of this talk about winter makes me realize that I really need to update my gear this year, I've about worn my Bogs into the ground after 6,7 years of wear and my winter coat is starting to fall apart.  Whichever boots I ended up buying will have to be mostly practical but I'm also going to see if I can find some that's "rugged cute." (I suppose that translates to Alaskan cute.)


  1. hi dear, you're so nice in these pics..i love your bracelet

  2. I am trying to make the most out of summer too, it's going by way too fast!

  3. I need to update my winter gear too. it's just not as exciting as summer stuff so it gets put off a lot. love the kimono, i have the spell shorts in that pattern & colour :)


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