Friday, July 31, 2015

I Will Survive!

Urban Outfitters Hat
Vivienne Westwood Jacket (consignment)
Old Navy Tee
AEO Jeans
Ecote Boots
Free People Bag (birthday gift - last year)

I love this jacket with all of the heart eye emoji's but I always style it in such a sucky way - black jeans and shirt.  It looks like a bodysuit with a jacket and I'm not so sure that's a great look.  This jacket is really beautiful and I just don't do it justice, next time I'll break out of my comfort zone and try it with *gasp!* some other colors or maybe not black jeans.  Perhaps a dress or skirt?

Guys, I'm such a rebel.

Anyways, ignore the face, this is the second day of me really hoping I wasn't going to be one of the nice people or so that gets struck by lighting every year.  Spoiler - I survived! Time to break into song and dance!


  1. That is a super cool jacket! I really like that necklace too. Also, glad you avoided the lighting!


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