Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fringe Bags and Hats

Forever21 Hat
American Eagle Belt
Dress c/o H&M (old)
Ecote Bag
Free People Clogs (ebay)

Jezz, I think the last time I wore this dress was back during the winter.  I think I got a little fried putting together outfits by the end there, after months and months of snow I start getting sick of it and all I want to wear is black jeans and coats. (re: lazy)  We still have a little bit left of warm weather though so I'm going milk it and enjoy wearing stuff without coats! We split and stacked firewood last night, we cut a ton of birch during the spring and have been slowly working out way through the pile - we need to have it all split and stacked so it'll have time to dry out for next winter, it usually takes a while to dry out enough to burn.   The past two years we've cut mostly spruce but birch has a higher btu per cord so you get a lot more out of it, the spruce just burns so quickly that I end up having to restock the fire every hour or so and that just sucks during the night.

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  1. Great look!... love shoots!
    I hope U have a great week!


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