Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Burn Fields

Free People Hat (gift) Shoes and Dress
American Eagle Jacket
Cleobella Bag

This particular burn field is a few years old but it's coming back nicely, look at all of the blue bushes and fireweed!  The blueberries are looking pretty good this year, we went out picking last night and the berries are big. Haha, not that we got very many, the kids gobbled all of theirs and then we were done for the night, we'll try to go out again and see if we can at least fill up on five gallon bucket.  It's hard to beat Fairbanks blue berries in the winter time, our blueberries are actually considered the best in the world. (At least, that's according to scientists, I just know the berries taste amazing in pancakes and cobblers.)

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  1. Mmm fresh blueberries. I love snaking on frozen blueberries in the summer! Gorgeous dress and landscape :)


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