Monday, July 20, 2015

Belt It

Haha, who's king of the dirt pile now?!

American Eagle Hat and Belt
Pacsun Kimono
Free People Dress (birthday gift)
Spell Designs "Dreamweaver" Bag (ebay)
Dv by Dolce Vita Boots

This dress was my birthday gift, it's so cute! It's a very loose shape and is pretty cute on it's own but this time I ended up belting it. I know, I know, belting is so 1950's but I'm short and sometimes I need a little shape or I'm a triangle on stumpy legs. I've had these boots for a while now, they were the first boots I spent more than sheesh, $25 on and I wore them into the ground that first winter but look, they still live! After all of that snow, ice, rock salt and improper drying! (I am so, so sorry boots, you didn't deserve that.)

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