Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We Don't Need Another Hero

Urban Outfitters Hat
American Eagle Outfitters Kimono (Because apparently, there's never enough kimonos...)
Old Navy Dress
Obi Belt (thrifted)
Leather Bag (thrifed)
DV Heels

This is what I wore Sunday to go see Mad Max Fury Road with Ev and dude, GO SEE IT.  I really like all of the Mad Max movies and I remember being a little worried when I heard they were making a ne one but wow, that was everything I want out of an action film.  I forgot to breathe in a few spots and as someone who's really grumpy about movies(seriously, I'm not that much fun to watch them with) that's saying a lot.  The art direction was really great, the dust storm with the tornados was really epic and there are badass broads in it who are wearing clothes!  (Maybe not the brides.....)  I did appreciate that they made Furiousa not super sexy and I loved the Mothers, I sort of thought they stole the show.  It was one of those movies that made me really curious about the stories behind many of the characters and it looks like there's a few comics coming out that explore those stories.  So next time we go to the Comic Shop, I think I look for those in addition to the require My Little Ponies/SpongeBob/Transformer comics we always have to leave with. 
Haha, I did consider dressing up a little "Road Warrior-ish" for going to watch it but man, it was way too hot outside for that.  Next time because I would totally go see that movie more than once at the theaters!

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  1. Oh I have been wanting to go and see that! This is such a summery outfit, I like it a lot.


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