Wednesday, June 10, 2015

They Call It The Land Of The Midnight Sun

American Eagle Kimono
Free People Dress
Woven Bag (thrifted)
Old Navy Sandals

I haven't tried any night photography for a while, I've been pretty lazy.  While we really don't get true darkness right now and have more of a twilight state for a few hours while the sun isn't up, the light makes it interesting for photos.  It's pretty relaxing during the later hours, there's little noise aside from the ducks and the distant hum of the highway so it's pretty pleasant just sit on the porch and watch the dogs try to catch dragonflies.
Now that my hair is a little longer I've been able to actually do something with it,  I've been doing mostly ponytails but this was a wrap around braid.  It doesn't look great, after all of the practice I've gotten doing "Elsa" braids on Izzy you'd think I'd be able to do something a little more polished!


  1. Okay, one question....How the hell did you manage to braid your hair like that? TEACH ME MASTER! I've been trying to braid mine, but I thought it wouldn't work out because it was so short, but now after seeing your short hair braided like that I ask myself "Keit, why you so stupid?" :D
    Your description of your peaceful nights make me want to live in Alaska even more! :(
    Also, this dress is heaven!!! It's so sexy and the design is super interesting, love the lacey bra underneath smoking hot!!!

    1. The braid is really easy, it's just a french braid! Rather than braid straight back, I went to the side and around the back and half way up the other side before I pinned it across the top - it's a fake milkmaid braid! :p. You can totally do it, I'm pretty bad at braiding my own hair and it only took a few mins.
      It has been really nice at night, there's a ton of wild bunnies so if we're really quite, they'll come right up to the porch and they're reallllly cute! (but now I need to put chicken wire around the garden before they eat everything)

  2. You look so elegant! I always fail miserably when it comes to hairstyles like that. This looks like such a peaceful and relaxing time of day


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