Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Storm Clouds Are Rollin' In

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Man, I am sick of this weather!  It's been on and on rain for the past week and a half with a little sun sprinkled in.  We went from almost 90 degrees to 60 and it's bummin' me out, I want my crazy hot Interior summer!
One of the sweet things about Fairbanks is while we normally get to -50 below zero in the winter, it can get to 100 degrees in the summer and normally it's a wonderful, hot, dry summer with lots of sun. (Well, usually a lot of smoke from the wildfires as well but I'm looking at the positive.)   In the lower part of the state the winters don't get nearly as cold, the worst I remember was -20 one winter in Wasilla and while the Soldotna area does gets to -25 below, it's only for a short amount of time while Fairbanks will have an average temp will be between -25 to -55 below for five months.  That wears on you after a while!
While the lower part of the state might not get that col during the winter it also doesn't get that warm during the summers, 60-ish degrees is about normal for Anchorage and in Seward, we were lucky to get many nice days that weren't raining.  Fairbanks however gets that amazing heat and I really think it's one of the nicest parts of the state during the summer.   So yeah, we freeze all winter just to thaw out a little during the summer.

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