Thursday, June 18, 2015

Small Town In The Big City

Urban Outfitters Hat
AG Tee (consignment)
Old Navy Skirt and Sandals
Free People Bag (ebay)
American Eagle Jacket

I forgot my tripod so Ev was sweet and took pictures for me during the trip.  Alaska is like background porn for a style blogger (ha) so I did want to be good this trip and take some pictures!  I tried to be quick and take pictures during breaks because I hate being a bother and going "stop, it's beautiful, pictures here!" and being a drag.  This was right after we broke camp and were stretching our legs before hopping back in the car, the area around the Big Su is full of sandy trails and gorgeous flora.  It was strange to see ferns again!   This outfit was pretty chill, I like maxis for long drives because of the comfort factor and because we had plans to do stuff in Anchorage, I idn't feel like a total shlub in the Big City.  And woooow, has Anchorage grown - it feels like a part of the lower 48 than Alaska, there's so many people and big chain stores now!   We did hit up aforementioned chain stores, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, Toys'R'US, Chuck E Cheese (oh god, why do they no longer serve beer, why?!) and the Diamond Mall.  Treats for all! 
We did go H2Oasis, the water park off O'Malley and had so much fun, they have a pretty sweet set-up for the kids.  A pirate ship with slides that you can climb around, shallow water, more slides, the river with inner tubes and the bigger slides.  They even had Dippin' Dots upstairs!  (We do not have Dippin' Dots in Fairbanks which is awful because they are AWESOME.)
Man, it was just a fun day.  We even had pancakes at IHop because hey, yet another thing we don't have up north. Well, we have pancakes, just not hopping ones.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I've actually met a few people lately who moved/are moving to Alaska, which is interesting considering I live almost as far away from there as you can get in the US! I would love to visit someday, it seems like a neat place.

  2. Pretty skirt. You have me wanting to move to Alaska just for the beautiful photo backgrounds!


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