Saturday, June 27, 2015

On Fire

Fred Meyer Hat (pretty old)
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Spell Designs "Dreamweaver" Bag (ebay)
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The fires have really ramped up here in the Inteior the last week, with temps staying in the 80s and everything being pretty dry now the fires have caused evactuations of a few villages and homes along the Elliot Hwy. The Elliot Hwy is the only road north out of Fairbanks and is the hual road up to the oil feilds and Barrow. (It's been featured on Ice Road Truckers and it is a really gnarly road, this last spring it was closed several times due to blizzards, flooding and currently fires.) Most of Alaska is not accessable by roads so many villages are only reachable only by boat, snow machine, dog sled or bush planes which makes evacuations a really serious deal. The Nulato Fire was caused by a lightening strike and ended up surrounding the village of Nulato, about 100 villagers evacuated before firefigthers were able to turn back the fire and save the village. People were also evacuated from the village of Tanana and currently four firefighters crews, inculding on hotshot crew are still figthing that fire. We've been hosting a crew at work the past week so I've been going in every day with the kids to clean up rooms and help prepared meals. The Interior is suppose to get some rain later this week so hopefully that will help with the fires.

We can't thank the bravery of the fire crews enough, it's such a dangerous and difficult job and the remotness and size of many Alaskan fires only makes it more difficult. These people put their lives on the line each day they go out and we can't thank them enough for protecting our homes and lives.

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