Wednesday, June 17, 2015

On The Banks Of The Big Su

Firday night after getting of work we drove down to Anchorage for a few days.  Because we'd gotten a late start out of town we ended up camping along the bank of the Big Susitna, this was one of my family's favorite spots to camp when we were kids.  We usually drove a few miles down and camped way back by the river that splits off but because it was about 11pm, Ev and I parked close to the head of the trail and set up camp  When you want to just hit the sack and not be up all night on a beautiful Friday, you park near the old folks in the rvs.

 Midnight sun on the river

 They aren't good hot dogs until their on fire and completely charred, preferably with some sand and bugs.

The past few weeks have been rainy and chilly (for June!) in Fairbanks but we ended up driving down on a beautiful hot, dry and winy day. (I don't know why Gunnar wanted to wear his jacket but it was almost midnight and it'd cooled off a little.)  Temps were in the 80s and that unfortunately lead to quite the ordeal getting back on Monday.  A fire sparked up, grew from 2 acres to 6,500 acres in a matter f hours and caused the closure of the Parks Hwy and the evacuation of many people around Willow.  Willow is dog mushing central and over 500 sled dogs were evacuated - Martin Buser (a well known dog musher) once again proved what a good sport he is and took in over 200 dogs to his kennel.  (Yeah, like those Seaveys would ever do anything that helps anyone.)  Deedee Jonrowe, another well known musher and a all around cool lady lost her home in the fire but saved her dogs.  So far the fire is zero percent contained and many people are in danger of losing their homes - hopefully the wind will die down so the firefighters can battle it.   The fire has brought out the best in many Alaskans with many people opening up their homes to victims and their animals, showing what an amazing community Alaska has.

This is good old Glitter Gulch (not actually named that, it's just what locals call it), a seasonal town just outside of Denali park.  It's mostly hotels and just shops and it shuts down after September but it does have close access to Denali Park and the view is pretty killer.  My parents actually built most of the hotels and I worked during Christmas break and during one summers a laborer on the job.  (I washed windows, dugs holes, ripped out carpet and mostly did punch list - no bags for me.)  It's a pretty area and while I really dislike how Princess treats their employees, they do have beautiful lodges in beautiful locations.

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