Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not Winning

 This is what happens when you try to get your "serious fashun blogger" on - the animals decided they can do it better.  They're even in better focus!  Clearly being upstaged here....

American Eagle Hat
Joie Silk Blouse (ebay)
J.Brand Jeans (consignment)
Rag and Bone "Harrow" Boots (ebay)
Free People Bag (ebay)

Okay, it doesn't take much to upstage me because hey, this isn't great.  Can't even look at the camera, sheesh!  


  1. Your pups are super cute! And I like your mysterious, avoid looking at the camera, pose

  2. Hehe, those darn camera hogs! :P
    And personally, I like the mysterious allure hats add to a look, so not looking at the camera fits perfectly with this outfit :)

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