Sunday, June 28, 2015

More With The Kimonos

American Eagle Kimono and Tank
Ecote Bag
J.Brand Jeans (gift)
Free People Clogs (ebay)

I've seen this kimono on quite a few people around town and man, it's adorable on everyone!  I like kimonos quite a bit (I'm sure no one noticed) but I also like them as a trend - they're just really easy to wear and they're one of those few things that actually looks good on everyone.  (I'm talking to you patterned leggings, you are evil to people and you should be burned with fire.)   This particular kimono is great because it does seem to go with everything, shorts, jeans and dresses and even though it's pretty colorful it seems to work with most colors.  Aside from chartreuse because that shouldn't even be a color.  I'm sorry, I know people like that's like neon baby barf, it' just not a good thing.
Heh,  suppose 've summed up some of my least favorite trends right there, patterned leggings and chartreuse.  I think the BlackMilk leggings are kinda cool just because they are so out there but most of the leggings I've seen are these odd tribal inspired patterns and they are just one of those things that doesn't seem to work.   Chartreuse, I've summed that up.  The only other trends I think I've really hated were the captoes on shoes but I think that's maybe just me, I don't like the lines the captoe creates on a shoe. (Ugh, remember those really ugly, patent leather Chanel beige and black captoe flats that were super popular on the net about a year or two ago?  Those should be burnt with fire, just like the leggings.)  

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