Friday, June 5, 2015

Let The Sun Go


Winter Kate Silk Vest (ebay)
Free People Maxi
Free People Bag and Clogs (ebay)

These were not great pictures and it's mostly because I really hated my hair that day.  I hadn't re-done my roots yet and they looked pretty terrible and that jus sort of threw the whole thing off for me.  Man, that would have been a great day to wear a hat or something!   I used the Revlon dye last time and for the price, $3.29, it's not bad.  The color had faded a little by the end and got a bit of a red tint to it so I tried the Darkest Brunette this time around, rather than Dark Brown and I think it works a bit better.


  1. I love those sunglasses! And the mint dress paired with that pink vest is such a wonderful color combo

  2. If these are your "not great pictures" I don't know what to call mine! :D You look astonishing, I love the setting, the colors, lightning and of course the outfit! Those necklaces and the bag are divine!

  3. no kidding, these photos are completely fine. and i love the dress! perfect gypsie outfit!

    xo, Carla


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