Saturday, June 13, 2015

Let It Be

American Eagle Denim Jacket
Elizabeth and James Silk Dress (ebay)
Minnietonka Sandals (thrifted)
Spell Designs "Dreamweaver" Bag (ebay))

I thrifted these sandals my first year of blogging and man, for under $3, these have really held out - they're still in great shape!
Thursday I was getting ready to move the old dog house, Dakota never uses it so it's just been sitting back in the woods a little bit.  I though we'd get it out of the way but when Ev and  lifted up the house(it's pretty heavy for a dog house!) something shot out from under it!  I thought at first it was the biggest vole in existence but then we noticed all of the tunnels and something moving around.  It was little baby weasels, they didn't even have their eyes open yet and then we noticed the mother weasel curled up next to the tree watching us.  We put the house back down and walked off, the weasels aren't bothering anything and I don't want to kill something just for killing it.   Hopefully they'll be alright, we were careful not to get our scent near them and didn't touch anything so I hope the mom will stay with them.  
There's been quite a bit of wildlife around lately, there's bunnies everywhere and there's a couple foxes that live in the woods behind us.  Adding in the birds, the moose and the lynx, it's fun to wildlife watch!  (Jezzz, foxes are cute.  My brother and his gf have a corgi named Odin and because he doesn't have his tail docked, he locked just like a short, obese fox, she even has a video of him playing with a fox in the back yard!)


  1. Aww, a baby weasel nest! I am loving those sunglasses. The reflective color is awesome!

  2. Cool! Baby weasels. I bet they're fine since you put the house back down.

    Also I love love your sunglasses and this pretty summery dress. What a great look!

    Jamie |


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