Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kimono Two Ways

Winter Kate Kimono(ebay)
American Eagle Dress/Tunic (from last ear but they have a similar one in stores now)
Old Navy Shorts
MIA Sandals
Target Bag

This kimono is one of my favorite, the print is really pretty, the silk is nice and it's super flattering on.  It also has the bonus of having the longer sides in front which gives me a few ways to wear it.  I wore it both ways this day and really liked both looks, I just twisted the front ends around and tied them in the back.  This works with any of my longer kimonos and it's a cute little look over a longer shirt/tunic.

 Ugh, I still really want on of the Kimono dresses from the Winter Kate line, I can't think of many ways to wear them but after seeing how the kimono looks like this, I think a dress would be even better.  Good thing they hardly ever pop up on ebay now!


  1. amazing outfit..i love your hairstyle

  2. I love the versatility of a kimono! I really like the second style a lot.


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