Friday, June 26, 2015



 Sorry about the face, I should have worn glasses when facing towards the sun, the smoke makes for some unpleasant light.  I need to start working on a better squinty face or something...


French Connection Jacket
Free People Dress
Steve Madden Heels (ebay)

Okay, it ended up being too hot for the jacket by the afternoon but morning still felt a little chilly. There was ash all over the cars this morning and I've seen quite a few people walking around with masks today. The smoke has gotten pretty thick with about 0.8 mile visibility but it looked especially odd this morning, some mist was rising off the ponds and smoke had settled in thick blankets in hollows. Driving down the road at 5am felt like something out of The Mist, we'd being driving with okay visibility and then we'd going into a thick patch so dense we could only see about 15 feet ahead. It burnt off a little bit so now it's just really hazy.

On a cuter note, there's been a pregnant moose wandering around the back for the past few weeks and last week she disappeared. We just saw her yesterday with a new born calf in tow, he was the cutest thing with his gangly legs and new born reddish coat! He was jumping all over while his mom was drinking out of the pond and he almost fell right in - it was pretty adorable! We watched them for a while out the windows before they disappeared back into the woods, baby moose are pretty hard to beat on the scale on cuteness.

I've talked a few times about fireweeds being one of my favorite flowers but I realized I've never shown any pictures of it.  We have just a few patches of them, it's not quite a prevalent as it is lower in the state but it's such a beautiful flower.

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