Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Urban Outfitters Hat
American Eagle Jacket
Old Navy Tank
J.Brand Maria Jeans (consignment)
Cleobella Bag
Carlos Boots

It was cold this morning!  We were suppose to wake up to a hard frost and while it didn't quite kill all of our herbs, it did make for a chilly wake up. It's been so warm lately we haven't even been starting a fire but we needed one today.  It's that warm weather, it's making us soft!  It's been so nice that we've been cooking on the bbq every night for the past three weeks, it' so hard to beat fresh corn warm off the bbq - it seems like it gets a sweet taste than cooked in the oven.
I ended up wearing pants because it felt so chilly, I found these as a replacement for my other pair of Marias at the consignment shop!  It was pretty surprising to find almost exactly what I've been looking for, aside from being waxed, and in my size too.  I wanted to wait for a few wears before talking about these, especially after what happened with my last pair.  So far, these are doing quite a bit better, no tears or rips!  They are a bit thicker than the other pair and aren't made of the "stocking"material, I think that' been the major factor in this pair staying together.

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