Monday, June 29, 2015

Cut Short

Forever21 Top
Spell Designs Skirt
Target Bag
MIA Sandals

I'm already getting some wear out of this Target bag and so far the body seems to be holding up pretty well. It makes for a pretty cute summer bag!  This top was another thing I picked up in Anchorage, I actually found a couple really cute items at Forever21 that were decently made.  It was only my second time ever shopping at F21 so my only exposure to how things were the items I bought two years ago or the things I've found at the thrift store.  Most of the time the stuff I find at the thrift store is pretty ratty but I can't really speak as to how long or hard it'd been worn but some thing, like my jacket I wear all the time in the winter, have held up pretty well.   I know they're fast fashion but it seems like if you buy the more expensive items and then take care washing them, the clothes aren't quite as terrible as people seem to go on about.   Unfortunately there's still the sweatshop problem, we can say we want nicer, higher priced things but it's also kinda elitist to ignore that a lot of people do shop there because that's what their wallets can handle. I remember having very little extra money and if I'd wanted to buy a new shirt, it would have had to have been at thrift store or Forever21 prices. 

I also went to Aerie to buy new bras and man, those lace bralettes they sell are the bomb!  I'm a 34D and while they don't hold everything up to the heights of pushup bras (because really, we want our boobs by our ears apparently) they do a pretty great job of supporting.   And they're just such pretty bras, in stores they had so many colors and styles!  Fairbanks doesn't have a ton of places to shop and it's usually really hard to find my size in a style that's cute and not really granny bra-ish.  (I guess I could order from this crazy new thing called the internet but I really prefer to be able to try on first.)

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  1. Oooh, Aerie bralettes... *_* I wanna go shopping now...dangit.
    Haha, love this cool print combination you did - I never would've thought of it but it looks so good!

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