Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Along The Shores Of Summit Lake

Urban Outfitters Hat
Forever21 Top and Skirt
Target Bag
Old Navy Sandals

There's actually a few Summit Lakes in Alaska but this one is located along the Richardson Hwy just past Isabel Pass in the Alaska Range. (These particular mountains are the HooDoo mts.) It's a glacier fed lake at about 3,400 feet elevation and is just a stunning view.   The lake's pretty deep, I think between 250-300 feet and during the winter it's the location of Artic Man, a race and huge gathering of snow machiners.  It's a big part of Alaska, particularly Interior culture and is an event people look forward to.  (This site does a nice breakdown of the event!) 
A few years ago the Gulkana river which feeds out of the south end almost flooded out the Richardson, it swept out the small bridge that led to the fish hatchery and almost took out the hatchery as well.  We'd driven past it just a few hours before the road was closed that year, I'd never seen the waters that high, right up against the road and taking out the banks.  The hatchery ended up being moved back and the corner that was cut under was filled back in and it ended up being okay during last year's flood. 


  1. Gorgeous! I haven't been to enough lakes yet this summer!

  2. Aaaand I'm ready to hit the river again. Photos by water always give me that urge haha!
    Love the mixed prints you're rocking here. Full blown bohemian today! :D

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  3. Now this is a sight for sore eyes, the lake is spectacular and you are so boho here I'm gonna faint, I love this outfit to death!
    We had a few floods from our river in my hometown when I was still in high school, maaaan, it was scary, water was so high you'd think it will devour us any second!


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