Friday, June 19, 2015

A Hot Wind Blows

Urban Outfitters Hat
Forever21 Dress
Target Bag
Old Navy Sandals

These pictures were taken right out of Sutton, a small community alongside the Glenn Hwy.  Because of the Sockeye fire near Willow, the Parks Hwy to Fairbanks was closed, leaving us with the alternative of driving around on the Glenn Hwy which connects onto the Richardson up to Fairbanks.  We were actually pretty lucky, Alaska doesn't have a large road system with many villages having no roads to or from and most towns have only one road out.  The Parks Hwy, Glenn and Richardson all make one big circle, connecting Anchorage, Valdez and Fairbanks.  It was a dramatically longer drive than taking the Parks, it ended up being about a 9 hour drive altogether - luckily the Glenn is one of the most beautiful drives in Alaska!  With craggy mountains, mountain pass country and a drive past two glaciers, it's pretty spectacular.  The road isn't as nice as the Parks, it's tiny and rough with no guardrails along a two-three hundred foot drop into the river but it's pretty. (I have very vivid memories as a three year old of riding in the truck and looking down, I use to have nightmares about going over the edge.) 

This dress was one of the things I bought in Anchorage, I think it's one of my favorites now.  For being a Forever21 dress, the material is surprisingly nice and the embroidery is pretty good as well - I also really like these types of necklines.  My shoulders are a feature I like so it's fun to find a dress that works with them.  I'd missed out last year on the Spell Designs crochet bag and had been looking for one since then, I didn't really expect to find one in Target!  The  body of the bag is pretty decent and when the pleather strap wears out, I'll just replace it with a genuine leather strap of maybe a pretty cloth one. (It's a fairly easy fix so I don't feel too bad about buying a cheaper bag in this case.)

The wind was really blowing down the riverbed when we stopped for a break, it was over 80 degrees so you'd think a nice breeze would be refreshing.  Nope!  I think this was the most stifling wind ever, it was so hot and heavy you didn't even want to breathe! (Thus proving once again that I would die in the heat of a Southern Summer.  I have no idea how you guys do it.)

 The only guardrails- the Glenn Hwy really has thing against them
People up here joke that there's only two seasons in Alaska, winter and road construction.
 Matsu Glacier

 The epic airport of Glennallen


  1. At fist glance I thought these photos were taken out west in the desert! What a lovely landscape. 80 degrees is about the max temperature I can handle. Unfortunately it has been in the upper 90s here and it's killing me. When you can work up a sweat just by standing, something is seriously wrong!

  2. Well hellooooo desert boho babe! Haha, love seeing Alaska's beautiful views through your blog. Really changes my perspective when I think about what's out there :)
    And wow, a F21 dress? It doesn't look like it! Lovely <3

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