Friday, May 29, 2015

Sent A Letter On A Long Summer Day


Urban Outfitters Hat
Spell Designs "Fleetwood Mini"
Free People Sandals
Spell Designs "Dreamweaver" Bag (ebay)
Smaller Necklace (thrifted) Longer Necklace (Sears - from quite a while ago)

I like this dress so much, the lace is so thick and very sturdy feeling, it's not flimsy nor do I feel like it will snag on anything(a problem I've had with a lot of lace) but.....I really hate the slip it came with. The slip itself is actually really nice, it's soft, a nice mix of cotton and spandex and it's pretty thick but oh wow, the lace dress clings to it like nobody's business and that makes the whole dress itself awkward to wear. It rides up, it clings in odd places, it just doesn't sit right. I think a slippery slip will make all the difference - polyester, thy time has come!

I couldn't really decided if I liked the dress better with or without a belt. Being shorter with hips makes me always feel like I must BELT ALL THE DRESSES! or I'll just end up looking lumpy but in this case, I think it looks better unbelted. The dress is cut from a pretty flat pattern with no darts anywhere so belting seems to just exaggerate that. I really like how the sandals work with this dress, now that I've got the sandals broken in a little bit more it doesn't take me quite as long to put them on, maybe a minute or two a pair which isn't bad considering all of the laces!

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  1. That dress is super pretty, and it goes great with those sandals! I am the same way with belts and dresses, I usually feel like my dress is never complete without a belt around it.


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