Friday, May 15, 2015

Optimal Comfort

Urban Outfitters Hat
Old Navy Tank
Skirt (thrifted, no brand)
Birkenstocks (consigment)
Free People Bag (ebay)

Um, I'm sorry about wearing this bag allllllll the time. I get something I like and it's all I want to wear for a while. (Hah, I bet everyone's really sick of those brown Free People clogs by now. So much comfort and height though!) I've really been getting into material/tapestry bags lately, I love the colors and a bag with tiny mirrors, beading and embellishments is pretty hard to beat in my book. It also helps on those days when I'm wearing a mostly black outfit to have a bag that adds a little visual interest. I feel like I need to work in something about a "pop of color" but the colors of this bag are so dark, it seems like it comes across as more "interesting" than "colorful." Yeah, like that made any sense.   This bag is currently on sale on the Free People website and it's one of the bags that I think is worth the price!  The zipper is pretty sturdy on my and all of the beading/mirrors are sewn on really well.  I bought mine off ebay (as always) for cheaper but I'd pay the sale price for this in a heartbeat.

It's also nice to put the Birks back on, I wore my MIA sandals straight for a few days and by the end the tendon on the back of my ankle was starting to experience a lot of pain when I'd put my foot down. I think I've been use to having thicker soles on my soles with lots of foot cushioning and I tend to put my heels down hard when I walk. The MIA sandals have a little cushioning but not much compared to my other shoes and while they're okay for a day, I really feel it after that. Haha, I'm just getting old, today my back was killing me after helping Izzy learn to ride her bike without training wheels and we ended up going about three miles of me running tilted and hunched over, helping hold onto the back of the bike. I woke up today and yikes, I could hardly straighten up. It's a good thing I'm not actually a tall person or that might have really ended up hurting! (Sometimes, being short is good.)

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