Monday, May 11, 2015

Late Night

Free People Hat and Bag (ebay)
Fred Meyer Kimono (gift)
American Eagle Outfitters Crop Top
Forever21 Skirt
MIA Sandals

This skirt is another old one, I bought it during a trip to Anchorage when I first started blogging. Fairbanks doesn't have a ton of shopping, we have a few consignment shop and thrift stores, Outerwear stores like Sportsmans, Prospector and Big Rays and then a few of the major chains like AE, Areo, Old Navy and Sears. (Haha, and aside from Walmart and Fred Meyers, that's actually it. We got a REI just a little while ago but the only thing we buy there is socks, we try to support our local stores like Big Rays and Prospector by buying our work boots, coats and Carharts there.) Anyways, going to stores like Gap and Forever21 felt like a really exciting thing and although Forever21 was pretty overwhelming with the sheer amount of clothes and the loud music, I did end up buying a few things. Most of them were fit and flair skater dresses but now this skirt is the only one still in my closet. (The dresses didn't fall apart, it just ended up that I didn't wear them very often so they got donated in pretty good condition.) The skirt has been sitting up on a self and for some reason I just didn't wear it last summer but this year I think it's going to be different, after trying a few outfits I was really pleased to see that it's a great base item! (Well, it is a brown-ish skirt with no embellishments, if that's not a basic, I don't know what it.) The chiffon has a few pulls in it but it's not a big deal to me, I've tried not to let my clothes feel too precious and if something isn't perfect, it's okay. This doesn't really apply to seriously obvious wear, if something starts looking ratty I'll throw it out but it seems kinda wasteful to just chuck something because there's a tiny flaw that I'm probably to only one who'll notice.


  1. Oh yes, big stores with loud music and annoying people scare me, but they do have their benefits! :D I love the proportions here, the lenght of the kimono and skirt are so perfect for each other! This is a mix I wouldn't dare pull off, but seeing you looking so awesome here, I might do it!

  2. I love the dark, mysterious air to these photos. Lovely!


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