Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Into The Woods We Go

French Connection Jacket
Old Navy Blouse
J.Brand Maria Coated Jeans (consignment)
Jeffery Campbell Clog Heels(ebay)
Cleobella x Urban Outfitters Bag

This is the bag that Dakota chewed up a few months ago.  As you can see, she was at least considerate enough to only chew the fringe off the bottom, it's pretty intentional looking for the moment. I still have all of the fringe that was "separated", I just haven't been motivated enough to sew it back on, mostly because I need a new thimble!  Mine somehow disappeared this winter and I really dislike sewing leather without one. (Ouch!)
While I was shooting these pictures I kept hearing something crashing around in the woods.  It didn't really sound like a moose but I kept thinking "oh god, the last picture's going to end up will being something terrible taking me out, that would just be my luck." Since this post is up, it's obvious nothing happened,  I don't even have a god story bout it! (Just this lame paragraph in which you possibly thought I had a point to.  I don't.)

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