Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hell On Wheels

Free People Hat and Kimono
Winter Kate Silk Dress (thrifted)
Spell Designs "Dreamweaver" Bag (ebay)
Rag & Bone "Harrow" Boots (ebay)

It's always hard to resist putting up pictures of Dakota (mostly because she photobombs the living hell outta me) but she's such a cutie pie and since she won't complain years from now about how I presumptively ruined her social media persona (sorry kids - I promise no embarrassing photos, no matter how cute you are) pictures of her it is! It's been almost a year since we adopted her and she's just gown up into a sweetheart. When we adopted her she had to be spayed before going home and because our vet is over in North Pole, the shelter had her sent to a in-town vet. (The North Star Borough will not let you take home your pet until they've been spayed so the shelter transported the pet to the vet and you pick them up from the vet's clinic.) We were a little unhappy with the service at the vet's office, they ended up scheduling her appointment for the stitches to be pulled out for ten days out and then called us five days later demanding to know why we hadn't brought her back, they also gave very little info about her recovery. (Hurray for goggle fu in this case) When we did take Dakota back in for the stitches removal, the vet wouldn't let us go in with Dakota and about five minutes later, came out of the office completely freaked out. (We actually thought something terrible had happened and Dakota was dying, the vet was that freaked out.) She pulled us in to the office and then started telling us what a demon dog Dakota was, that Dakota tried to bite the vet's face off and left a huge gash which....wasn't there? Both Ev and I were pretty puzzled at this point because the vet was in this just, frenzied state and she kept going on and on about what a bad dog this was and how she didn't think she was safe around kids. She ended with saying "you need to put her in our care and we'll go through a serious training program." We both were pretty pissed at this moment, I have a background in working with animals, I've worked at many barns, a dog lot and a shelter and the dog she was describing and the dog who'd lived with us for the pass few days were nothing alike. We left with out putting Dakota into the boarding school and focused on intense training at home.

It the past year I have never once seen the dog that this vet described. Dakota is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known, I can literally stick my hand down her throat and she'll just sit there with that goofy smile of hers. Izzy dressed her up almost every day in dresses, hats, boots, crowns (pretty much the entire closet) and Dakota just sits there with a mournful look. She has not one bit of aggression in her, Jack the little Jack Russel makes her stand in the corner at every feeding time while he eats first! I've fixed scrapped on her legs and even in pain she's left me mess with her and has never once snapped. I don't know if that vet was just haveing a bad day but the whole situation still feels realy off to me. I mentioned this when we first took Dakota to our normal vet, just as a heads up in case Dakota really was aggressive, and our vet couldn't believe it, she always says Dakota is one of her favorites for check ups because she'll let her do anything without a fuss.

So there's a pictures of the "hell on wheels, demon dog."   She's death only to those dog toys with the squekers inside.

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