Saturday, May 16, 2015

Don't Trust The Ramblin' Man

Hat (Bought from Mad Hatter Tent at State Fair)
Old Navy Scarf
Free People Dress
Free People Bag and Clogs (ebay)
Jewelry (older, bought from Vendor at State Fair as well)

Every other time I've worn this maxi I've belted it and while it sorta (okay, a lot) looks like a nightgown without a belt, I really look the whole loosey-goosey look.  Screw you, waist definition!

Also, it's amazing I'm still here after this.  The mosquitoes were out and they were hungry.  I'm surprised they didn't actually carry me off, there was such a huge swarm of them! (aha, you can actually see them in the pictures, most of the photos were of me swatting like crazy.  It was a bad day to run out of bug dope.)

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  1. Man these pictures are gorgeous! The lighting is just perfect and I love the old truck. I feel you with the mosquitoes eating the crap out of you while taking pictures though. The woes of summer!

    Jamie |


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