Friday, May 1, 2015

A Week Ago

Free People Hat (gift)
Sheinside Jacket (gift)
Free People Top (thrifted)
Old Navy High Rise Jeans
Ecote Boots
Woven Bag (thrifted)

These pictures are from last week so the pond looks pretty different right now, almost all of the snow has melted, things are drying out and the pond ice is finally breaking up.  Not much to talk about today because wow, TGIF, but this was an outfit I really liked.  I thrifted this bag not long ago but it's now one of my most-used bags.  It's roomy enough I'm pretty sure I can fit he kitchen sink in but it's really durable.  I like buying either leather or canvas bags, those two materials see like they hold up the best.  I use to buy cheap, $20 pleather bags but I'd trashed them so fast that they would actually fall apart after three months.  $100 is about the most I like to spend on a bag now (because I buy almost all of mine second hand or on ebay) and while that feels like a lot, it works out better for me to spend a little more on one bag and have it last several years than buy a cheap one that falls apart.   $100 is the high end however, most of my bags have been in the $5-$35 range so I really can't say enough for buying second hand.  Consignment shops are awesome for this, they have the upside of you being able to build up credit by consigning your own clothes so you really can buy nicer bags without shelling out a ton of money.

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