Thursday, April 23, 2015

You Had A Bad Day

Free People Hat
Old Navy Scarf, Shirt and High Rise Jeans
Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
Suede Bag (thrifted)
Doc Martens (gift)

I don't get a ton of wear out of my Docs during the winter but I love them for spring.  By then it's usually warm enough I don't want to wear my Dublins but still muddy and gross enough outside that I don't really want to trash my other boots in the grime.  Enter the Docs!  Man, I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can do to destroy these, I wore them quite a bit last spring at this time and they still look like they're new out of the box, there's not even wear on the treads.  I know a lot of people have said he quality has gone down since some Docs are now being made in China rather than England but when I compare these to the pair got almost *gulp* 15 yeas ago, I don't see a lot of difference. 

You might remember this shirt from almost a year ago, I'd bought it and then ended up not liking I and was going to take it to donate.  I ended up misplacing I in a box of summer clothes and found it the other day.  I'd really been wanting a top similar to this but kept taking myself out of the ones at Old Navy.  I'm so happy I didn't end up getting rid of it, I think at the time I just didn't really understand how I wanted to wear it and wrote the top off as being bad. I'm really bad at doing that, I have fairly good instincts for what I want but it seems like it takes me forever to figure out how to work it in. (Because you know, clothes hard.)

I also feel like  need to proclaim how awesome the Gariner BB Cream that I use is.  I've been having a really bad allergy attack this week and my face/neck is just a mess of hives and huge, raised rashes.  Like, it's bad looking.  The only thing I can stand to put on my skin right now is Corizone and this BB Cream.  I know you aren't suppose to put any products on when you have a breakout like this but it looks so bad that I really can't bear to go out without something on it. (Thy name is vanity)  This BB Cream(the anti acne version) is so flipping amazing I can't say enough nice thing about it, it doesn't burn or dry out my skin and it actually covers the redness and makes me look human.  I'm not paid to say anything about this, it's just a product I really love and right now it makes me feel a lot better about myself.

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